Live Art at Forest Cresent Primary

For those of you lucky enough to attend Forest Cresent Primary School, I’ll be there on the  13th November from 930am painting live! Can’t wait to hang out with the kids!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.22.55 am

This from the Principal’s newsletter:

Last Thursday the year 7 students ran the Kids4Kids Stall day. Many items on sale were donated or hand made by the students with the assistance of their teachers. The finished products were of very high quality and were very popular. Students had the opportunity to work with artist Linzi to create some fantastic paintings. We were very lucky to have Linzi attend the stall day and create a beautiful painting of flamingos. This colourful work of art was raffled off and taken home by the Nass Family (thanks to Liam’s name being drawn out).