Live Art at Sunshine, a Telethon Fundraiser

It’s a great honour to be painting live at the Team Sunshine event to raise money for Telethon. The event is about raising much needed funds for the Telethon through the Telethon Adventurers (, but also about hope, love, sunshine and happiness and fun. All the things that help people get through the tough times. We’ve all been through them!
“The event and team is themed Sunshine in tribute to my baby girl who I lost 2 years ago half way through my pregnancy with her. We named her Sunshine while she was in my belly, so we kept that name for her forever.”
Sascha, Bonnie, Shanelle & Sarah will trek the Milford Track, New Zealand in April 2015. Their goal is to raise $25,000 for the Telethon Adventurers.
For further information about the event, head to the Sunshine Champagne Breakfast page.