Painting Live for a cause at ‘A Swell Day Out’ in Mandurah.

This weekend I exhibited as one of the featured artists in the Mandurah, ‘A Swell Day Out’, celebrating local Art, Wine and Food. Alongside other creatives such as Elza Fouche, Kelsie Munro, Jennifer Gaye, Rachelle Dusting and Deborah Zibah, I showcased an artwork painted live on site, of tropical birds flying freely in a paradise of colours. Kids were able to engage with the live work, invited to dab dab dab away on the 2.5 by 3metre canvas. The performance was filmed and documented by Ellen Joubert, David Mariner and Tegan Weir, who are producing a work about the life of local artists, also featuring Elza Coufreur, another artist in residence at Neil Street Art Studio in Osborne Park.

The finished work has been donated to Oxfam Australia and will be auctioned online to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake relief. Bidders can access this auction through the ‘A Swell Day Out‘ Facebook page, which will be advertised later in the week. A huge Thank you to Anne Batt, an Oxfam representative from Western Australia for your support on the day.

The pilot event was a buzz with creativity, families, live music, food, shoppers and great coffee. Hosted by the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, the day captured the vast array of local talent from Perth, Fremantle, Busselton and other West Australian locations. The next showcase will be held at the Arts Centre in November, later in the year.

Photography: David Mariner

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Featured Article in today’s POST: ‘Linzi, kids pin faith to wall.’

Today’s edition of the POST Newspaper features an article about the mural I painted this month at St Thomas Primary School in Claremont, Western Australia. It is really exciting to be involved with projects in the area that I attended high school, graduating in 2001 from Methodist Ladies College. It is amazing how much teachers and educators play such an influential role in the development of children and I am so grateful for the education I received, in particular through the Arts program at Methodist Ladies College. I look forward to many more future collaborations with St Thomas Primary School who have a fantastic team and uphold an facilitate an excellent teaching environment. A huge “Thank you” to Art Specialist Kate Byrne, Principal Justin Tuohy, Year 6 teacher Sean Warne and the Year 6’s.
StThomasMural article

Mural design for St Thomas Primary School, Claremont

As part of my Diploma of Education at Edith Cowan University, I engaged in an Artist in Residency program, partnering with St Thomas Primary School in Claremont, Western Australia. Working alongside Kate Byrne, the Art Specialist at St Thomas, I collaborated with the Year 6 class to develop a Mural design based around the theme of Faith, to reflect the ethos and core value system of the school. I taught three workshops with the Year 6 class, brainstorming and sketching various interpretations of Faith and what it looks like visually to them individually.

The chosen space for the mural is situated centrally alongside a basketball court and can be seen from the roadside. Due to the elongated shape of the space I wanted to incorporate artwork from each student and create a collage that resembles the composition of a Kaleidoscope. I also wanted to include the current stylistic trend of using Geometric shapes in the design, making it contemporary and relevant in its context.

I was so inspired by the student’s interpretations of the theme; there was references to the Fruits of the Spirit, Lions and Eagles which are Biblical symbols, Easter, Elements from Confirmation and Communion, rainbows resembling Promise, Angles, Fire, Butterflies that speak of Freedom, Flowers, Love hearts and many more. These images and symbols encapsulate the central figure of a cross.

I commenced working on the Mural during school hours and was able to engage with students who visited with their class to ask questions about materials, design principles and the symbolism of the artwork. It was a lovely experience to work with a group of pupils and staff who embrace the creative arts and are likewise so open to new expressions and artforms.

A very big and warm thank you to Justin Tuohy, Principal at St Thomas and Ar Specialist Kate Byrne, it was a pleasure working with the school. Lookout for the next edition of The Post in Claremont, featuring a write up on the artwork.

Get ya paint on! 🙂

Below: Some of the chosen symbols and imagery from the Year 6’s sketches


Below: The initial concept2

Below: From start to finish, a Blank wall to a Kaleidoscope Mural

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Linzi Carter Art 2015 Update

My my how time flies! So here we are in 2015 already and I haven’t written a word since 2013. I’ve been super busy flexing my creative muscles in and around our fair city of Perth and enjoying every minute of it…well mostly. It’s not without some blood, sweat and tears to get to the good bits hey?!

June 2014 saw the opening of Neil Street Art Studio with workshops available for both children and adults for a range of different mediums and lessons. From beginner acrylic classes through to portraits, still life, animals and more. I thoroughly enjoying teaching the workshops and due to demand I have doubled the workshops for 2015 . So come and get inspired! Check out the list of upcoming art workshops here.

Large murals have always been high on my agenda and 2014 saw me complete a number of large-scale pieces; I collaborated with Ross North Homes and Interior Designer, Adriana Peci to paint a beach themed piece, soon to feature in the Home edition of the Sunday Times; a time lapsed live mural for Karrinyup City Shopping Centre of a Monet inspired flowerwall; an abstract hand-painted piece for Leaf and Bean in Mount Hawthorn resembling the likes of rainbow clouds and a hand painted abstract mural with upcoming artist Nia Michelson, of 8years, in her bedroom. You can check them out here.

Commissions and live art came thick and fast in 2014 and I painted for various clients and events including Team Sunshine’s Fundraising event, raising funds for the Telethon Adventurers.

2015 Looks set to be an event busier year, collaborating with Ross North Homes, Kensington Refections, Revlon Australia, Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Dorper Lamb, Victory Life Centre and more. Cant wait to get my paint on!

If you would like a mural, school visit, workshop or commissioned art piece, email or even check out the Online Store.